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Why Choose CRM Modular Homes?

Because Your Home is Important.
We know that deciding to buy a modular home is an important decision, so we try to make the experience pleasant.

We will help you through this process—you want a fine home; we want a happy customer!

The CRM Modular Homes' price includes:

  • Delivery of the house modules to your lot.
  • Installation of lally columns.
  • Crane and set-crew to set the house on your foundation.
  • Bolting the modules together and securing them to the foundation.
  • Assembling and shingling the roof.

What Is A Modular Home?
A modular home is built inside our factory under climate controlled conditions. Your new home is not exposed to the elements during construction, avoiding both weather-related delays and damage to building materials. Your home is built on schedule, regardless of the weather.

Modular homes are literally built from "the inside out", ensuring tighter construction, something which can not be duplicated on the job site. They are not only nailed together, as in "stick built" homes, they are also bonded with a special adhesive.

  1. Because modular homes must be shipped to your lot and lifted onto your foundation by a crane, they must be built stronger than stick-built homes.

  2. Modular homes are inspected numerous times during the construction process and must meet state building codes.

  3. Your new modular home can be delivered to your site in approximately six weeks time. Your new home is being built in the modular factory while site work (foundation, well, septic system) is completed on your lot. Since your modular home arrives 90% complete, your new home can be ready to move into just a few weeks after delivery. Compare this with the time involved to build a house on-site!

  4. The price of a modular home is less than that of a stick-built home, purchasing materials in large quantities saves money, and a skilled workforce is employed year-round.

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"Manufactured Home" and "Modular Home" what’s the difference?
Manufactured homes, sometimes referred to as mobile homes, are another type of building system and are constructed to a different building standard. Many communities have restrictions on where manufactured homes can be located.

However, modular homes, like site-built homes, are constructed to the same building code required by the state and specific locality and therefore are not restricted by building or zoning regulations. Your new modular home is inspected at the assembly plant during each phase of construction.

You can design a home instead of using a Standard Plan, because
CRM Modular Homes provides custom design services at no additional cost to you!

The benefits of modular construction.

  • Highly Engineered
  • Constructed in Climate Controlled Environment
  • Efficient Building Process & Material Usage
  • Energy Efficient
  • In-Plant Inspections
  • Consistent Quality
  • Speed of Construction
  • Design Flexibility
  • Constructed to Meet or Exceed Local Building Codes

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