At CRM Modular Homes We Construct Modular Homes in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts & Connecticut.

At CRM Modular Homes we strive to achieve total client satisfaction by providing high quality modular homes at affordable prices to homeowners. We offer homeowners the opportunity to save thousands of dollars over the cost of site-built homes.

CRM Modular Homes offers a better way to build a new home. Through modular building systems, homeowners are discovering improved efficiencies, greater flexibility, enhanced construction quality and building speed while enjoying greater cost controls. Because your new home is approximately 90% complete when it arrives on your lot, the average homeowner can build instant equity.

Modular homes offer many advantages over conventional “stick-built” homes, including high-quality construction techniques and materials, lower cost, and a faster completion time.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service and value to our clients throughout the modular home building process. Call today!